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MTI Talking Phone Card Display

Talking Phone Card Display technical specifications: 

6mm Styrene high impact construction. Styrene resists chipping, scratching and fading. 2 High security locks included. 3 interior shelves. Holds 5, 10 & 20 dollar cards. 

Light Display:
The "MTI Talking Phone Card Display" comes with an attractive lighted header which includes a lexan sign that reads "Discount Phone Cards". 

Custom Graphics:
The "MTI Talking Phone Card Display" includes custom silk screened graphics. 

Mounting Options:
The "MTI Talking Phone Card Display" is designed For maximum versatility. The display can be mounted on a counter top and has a back loading door with a security lock. It can also be wall mounted because the display also has a front loading door with a security lock. 

Display Dimensions:
20"'H x 7" W x 6"D.

The Talking Mechanism:
The "MTI Talking Phone Card Display" is designed to Attract the attention of people passing by. The machine has a built-in volume control and comes programmed to speak in English/French. 

The "MTI Talking Phone Card Display" comes with a five year limited warranty. 
The most common way to sell phone cards today are over the counter and through vending machines. The main problems are lack of exposure, pilferage, sales tax and commissions to the store owner. The "MTI Talking Phone Card Display" eliminates all these problems!! 

The Marketing Problems are:
   Low visibility, lack of point of sale exposure and promotion;
   Sales Tax;
   High initial cost per location;
   Commissions to store owners;
   The mechanical reliability of vending machines;
   The availability of floor space in a store;  
These are the Solutions:
   The lack of exposure is solved by our unique motion activated computer voice chip as well as our illuminated discount phone card sign.
   The pilferage problem is solved by our heavy duty 6mm styrene high impact construction with front & back access doors and security locks.
   The sales tax problem is eliminated by placing the obligation of collecting the sales tax on the store owner at the time of sales (not from your profits).
   The high initial cost per location problem is solved by providing our distributors with many retail outlets to sell cards at a very low cost per outlet.
   The commission to the store owner problem is solved because of the low cost of displays as compared to the high price vending machines.
   The mechanical reliability problem is solved by having a talking display with no moving parts.
   The availability of floor space problem is eliminated by a display that mounts to a counter or any wall.

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